Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The days just seem to fly by and my To Do list grows longer and longer. However, one thing that I have been spending time thinking about during my daily commute is a media meeting we had last week. I am continually struck by how nice it was to have the time to sit down with my peers last week and talk. Productive talk. Through our productive talk we laughed together and shared ideas and discussed hot topics. When I left our meeting I was so jazzed!

I think it is the only time in my short media career that a group of us sat together to talk in that fashion. Usually at our meetings we sit and gnaw over district policy and procedure or listen to presentations. We did a little of that too, but time was built into the meeting for our discussion. It was so refreshing! I want more time like that. I need more time like that. Because the days just fly by and my To Do list is growing longer. I need to connect with the other media specialists in my district. It makes so much sense for us to connect. Collaboratively we have the potential to truly rock! Isolated we chase our tails...or at least I do.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Work in Progress

Well, I am writing. I see I average about once a year. Something I would like to work on improving...I guess part of it is; why would anyone be interested in anything I had to say anyway?

This will be short. I am trying something new and want to see how it looks on the page.

I did make that wiki for our district media specialists. I haven't unveiled it to the group so no one knows that it exists. I've joined Classroom 2.0. I haven't done much with that yet either. I do faithfully read blogs in my bloglines account.

I read something this week that puts my mind to ease about all these different ideas and my lack of mastering them all. It puts my head in a good place to remember this:

I am a work in progress and that is ok.

How awful would it be if I were completed?!?!?!